Tiger with Laptop - AI Tiger Magazine illustration
Tiger with Laptop - AI Tiger Magazine illustration


With AI Tiger Magazine, I want to explore for myself how far and at what level a media offering can be developed in co-production with ChatGPT and image generators like DALL-E. It’s an experiment in live operation.

My expertise is creating and launching media products. Recently, I was in charge of a regional glossy magazine for a few years. My perspective on AI is that of a media creator, not just a programmer. I got into journalism by studying economics and working in market research and marketing for a publishing house.

These new AI options allow me, for the first time, to generate texts without authors and images without illustrators. Do I think that’s fundamentally good? Not really. I value the work and the lively exchange with colleagues. On the other hand, we live in highly accelerated, disruptive times. If you don’t try out new things, you’ll never know what magic can be made of them. Or whether you should be looking for a new job soon…

Will artificial intelligence replace creatives and artists? Hard to say. Hopefully not. Will AI create new opportunities for creatives? Absolutely. The drum machine didn’t replace the drum kit, but it made hip-hop, synth-pop, and techno possible. Are there fewer drummers in the world today because of drum machines? Most likely, yes. Have drum machines made more people create more exciting music? Also most likely, yes.

So, AI Tiger Magazine is a place for me to test out the new AI possibilities as a user. To develop ideas (and discard them again…), to experiment wildly from time to time, and in the end, with the right intuition and a bit of luck, to identify a business model in a previously undiscovered niche.

My approach is open-ended. Generating the content for this website works along the lines of Thomas Edison’s famous quote, “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways it doesn’t work.” Whether this little magazine will consequently still look like this in three months – or already quite different again, I’m not so sure.

Some FAQs

Why the name AI Tiger Magazine?

It was rather coincidental. While I was initially experimenting with DALL-E, I ended up with oil-painted tigers. I suspect it was because there was a WWF magazine with tigers on the cover lying next to me. I was pleased with the results. I thought, let’s create a website out of this just for fun.

When ChatGPT 3-5 was released almost concurrently, I initially found it an amusing idea to use a tiger as an avatar that would write texts for me. That’s how I got started. Today, I would probably approach it differently, but on the other hand, it’s quite pleasant to be surrounded by a horde of tigers.

Why are all the people portrayed wearing sunglasses?

In many images generated with DALL-E 2.0, the eyes of the portrait subject don’t look where you want them to. Sometimes they unintentionally trigger the uncanny valley phenomenon. Therefore, I pragmatically gave all portrait subjects sunglasses. Combined with a black turtleneck sweater, the sunglasses have become a kind of trademark.

What is your attitude towards Artificial Intelligence after the first months of dealing with ChatGPT and DALL-E?

Until recently, my relatively clueless perception of artificial intelligence was shaped by books from Yuval Harari (“something’s coming our way…”) and science fiction films. I could easily imagine HAL9000 from “2001 A Space Odyssey” or the OS from “Her,” while “Terminator” or “Matrix” were great Hollywood cinema for me, but far from any reality.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to see it in a slightly more nuanced way. If I had to put a value today on the scale of “Artificial Intelligence will bring us heaven on earth = 0” and “AI will (unintentionally or not) subjugate or even destroy us all = 100”, I would currently enter a 65.

I find the thesis very convincing that humans first do terrible things with the advent of new technology before they are capable of using it for the benefit of mankind. Therefore, I hope that the 65 will transform into a 25 after some time.

The Team

Kristian writes the articles or co-produces the texts with the support of ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. All contributions are marked accordingly.

AI-Tiger jr. is a avatar of Kristian. Like an actor slipping into new roles, AI-Tiger jr. provides ChatGPT with the contextual framework for each piece, sometimes acting as a talk show host, a worried father, a journalist, a theater director, or even a talking tiger accusing the destruction of the world.

All images created by Kristian with the support of DALL-E, a neural network-based image generation model developed by OpenAI

The website itself is also created by Kristian.

Kristian Laban

Kristian Laban of AI Tiger Magazine. He lives and works in Munich, Germany.

This text was written by a human and edited by AI to vary or improve the writing style of the English version, as I am not a native speaker.